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2001 I moved to Malmö from Denmark and started my business in Sweden where I currently live with my fiancé and daughter. I mainly work in Skåne and Sjælland, however web and photo projects have been taking me around the world!

As a teenager I was deeply fascinated by master photographers such as Catier Bresson, Ansel Adams and Jacob A Riis who also come from my hometown Ribe in western Denmark. I spent all of my free time in the sunlight doing street photography and at night in the darkroom. After coming home from my first real journey to the Himalayas I surprised my surroundings with my images and pursued my career as professional photographer.

I was very flattered when I was elected South of Sweden 's best photographer in 2007 and since then my career has taken me to great adventures. 2008 I was published in National Geographic and won the peoples award in the Metro Photo Challenge.

2010 I had an exciting job for the newspaper The Daily Star in Lebanon as photographer and reporter, but left a career there  because of the stress in the city of Beirut.  2011 was a fantastic year , I was summoned to  California to be the wedding photographer and  then I took the liberty to follow in the footsteps of my childhood hero Ansel Adams in Yosemite. When I came back I had an amazing exhibition at Malmö Museum. 2012 started great with that I came in second place in the big Canon photo contest " the best picture".

 In 2013 I  expanded my entrepreneurial company  to involve webdesign and visual marketing, naming it ugetthepicture In order to collaborate with a google business photograf, a graphic designer, film, drone pilot etc in order to build a bigger platform of visual services for our customers. 

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